International Law Services

All the issues that arise under state and federal law in the U.S. can also arise in other countries.  In a divorce dispute where one or both of the parties come from a foreign (non-American) country, a knowledge of international law is vital.

What happens if the non-U.S. parent keeps the children abroad in violation of a U.S. court order?  Will a foreign court enforce your American alimony award?  What country’s laws will apply?  In the commercial arena, contracts may have to be written, interpreted, or litigated by looking to international laws and treaties or the laws of another country—often in one of the foreign languages listed elsewhere on this website.

Some people visit the United States on Exchange Visitor Visas.  These individuals, their program sponsors, or their hosts may need help with issues that arise in connection with the Exchange Visitor Program.  We can also help with establishing a new Exchange Visitor Program.

  • Commercial
  • Custody, Visitation, Access
  • Divorce
  • Exchange Visitor Visas