Coping with the Recession, Preparing for a Brighter Future

The current recession has taken a terrible toll on many small- and mid-sized- businesses. This may be a good time to consider changing your business model and positioning your business to take advantage of the upswing that will follow.

If your business is in trouble, rely on us to help your business

  • Partner or merge with one or more other businesses. Create value added, increase market share, and reduce your overhead costs.
  • Re-examine collections and accounts receivable. A more assertive approach could make a substantial difference in your bottom line.
  • Develop customer incentives that might help improve your competitive position.

A strong business? Use our experienced counsel to assist you as you

  • Grow your business with careful investments that take advantage of discounted rents and bargain prices for capital improvements and expanded inventory;
  • Acquire a smaller, possibly struggling business. The new entity you create could have a larger market share and be poised for action when the economy turns around.